Lingerie Size Guide

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Simplified Sizing

We’ve tried to make our lingerie as easy as possible for you to choose the right size by listing it in familiar UK sizes from 6 up to 22.

Lingerie from around the World

Our lingerie comes from the best manufacturers across the globe, and whilst each country might describe its sizes differently on the label, they’re converted to the UK sizing guides on our website, so you get the perfect fit.

If in Doubt…

Vanity sizing happens and varies from shop-to-shop and certainly country-to-country. If in doubt, always go up a size and don’t be put off or offended if the size you need is named larger (or smaller) than you are used to. This is sexy lingerie, so ‘err on the side of caution’ if you want to cover at least a little of your modesty!

One Size Lingerie

A lot of sexy lingerie is available in just one or two sizes – One Size Fits Most, or One Size Queen (or Plus Size). If you’re choosing adult lingerie for the first time, this can be a great introduction, as this lingerie will stretch and shape to flatter most figures. One Size Fits Most, usually matches well to UK sizes up to 14, then One Size Queen, best suits UK size 16 to 22.

Any Sizing Questions?

If you need any other help or guidance with choosing the right lingerie size, just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Diosa.UK - shop for Lingerie

Top Tips for Men, buying for your Lady

We want you to know she’s going to look gorgeous, sexy, beautiful in whatever lingerie you’ve chosen, so here’s a few top tips…
  • Have a nosey and a snoop to try get measurements like clothes size (..10, 12, 14 etc.), or bra size (..34C, 36B, 36D etc.).
  • Think about her favourite wardrobe colours – choose your lingerie colours to match maybe.
  • If it’s your first time choosing sexy lingerie for her, perhaps play it a little safe and don’t put her too much out of her ‘comfort zone’ (putting it another way, avoid our Wetlook, Fetish & Fantasy section!).
  • Be careful with ‘vanity sizing’ – that’s choosing a size with a flattering label that probably just won’t fit. If in doubt always go up a size with this type of lingerie.
  • If you’re brave, ask her best friend for a little guidance on what she’ll appreciate in the adult lingerie department (stick to her best friend though – definitely not her mother!).

Size: Label Size: Guides:
One Size (UK 6-14)One Size (UK 6-14)One Size Fits MostUK 6-14, or ≅ 6.5 to 11 stone (41 to 70 kilos)
One Size (Queen) (UK 16-22)One Size (Queen) (UK 16-22)Queen Size, Plus SizeUK 16-22, or ≅ 11.5 to 17.5 stone (73 to 111 kilos)
Small/Medium (UK 6-10)Small/Medium (UK 6-10)Small/MediumUK 6-10, or ≅ 6.5 to 9.5 stone (41 to 54 kilos)
Medium/Large (UK 10-14)Medium/Large (UK 10-14)Medium/LargeUK 10-14, or ≅ 9.5 to 11.5 stone (54 to 73 kilos)
Small (UK 6-8)Small (UK 6-8)SmallUK 6-8, or ≅ 6.5 to 8 stone (41 to 51 kilos)
Medium (UK 10-12)Medium (UK 10-12)MediumUK 10-12, or ≅ 8.5 to 9.5 stone (54 to 60 kilos)
Large (UK 12-14)Large (UK 12-14)LargeUK 12-14, or ≅ 10 to 11.5 stone (63 to 73 kilos)
X Large (UK 14-16)X Large (UK 14-16)Extra LargeUK 14-16, or ≅ 11.5 to 13 stone (73 to 83 kilos)
XX Large (UK 18-20)XX Large (UK 18-20)XXLUK 18-22, or ≅ 13.5 to 17 stone (86 to 108 kilos)
Plus Size (1X/2X) (UK 16-20)Plus Size (1X/2X) (UK 16-20)Plus Size (1X/2X)UK 16-20, or ≅ 11.5 to 16 stone (73 to 102 kilos)
Plus Size (3X/4X) (UK 22-26)Plus Size (3X/4X) (UK 22-26)Plus Size (3X/4X)UK 22-24, or ≅ 17 to 19.5 stone (108 to 124 kilos)